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Claire Frichet grew up in south of France, she degree’s in image and post-production then work in television industry for 5 years. She now devotes herself to photography, whose she dedicate an interest since childhood. Trough working close to people, she questions and nourish reflects on relationship of humans to their external environment and their internal environment. She aims to be a female French photograph who pushes individuality forward as a way of representing singularity of human beings through diversity of environments in which they exist. Fascinated by movement the act of capture is her way to point out the singularity beauty of humans and « in-between ». In her view, all the magic remains in capturing the essence of an ephemeral moment, in order to keep it in her spirit and heart, as an anchor of positive vibes. She also works on silver prints. Analog technic is a way to exherb her sensibility in other words and become closer to this medium.


  • Bachelors, Frame and Media, BTS Cannes
  • Graduate School, Audiovisual and Digital Media, INA Sup Paris
  • Training in Analog Techniques, Pixel au Point, Lyon


  • Speaker at Poltred, residence of photography, Lyon

Thank you so much to visit my website. I invite you to contact me on if you are interested in collaborations or buying prints.

You can found me on Instagram or Linkedin. I am based in Lyon, France.


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